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We use 3 Carpet Cleaning Methods: DryChem Bonnet Cleaning, Hot Water Extraction and Rotary Jet Extraction. The deciding of which is better or worse ultimately depends on your perspective. Each of the carpet cleaning methods have advantages and disadvantages, most carpet cleaning companies utilize one method, and are limited by the confess of that method. We believe that neither is good nor bad, but each contains elements of good and bad. And our approach is to employ the best of each method, creating a revolutionary process of our own.
We consider 3 key factors:
  • what cleans most dramatically?
  • what is environmentally responsible and safe?
  • What is cost effective to the customer?
Of the excepted methods for carpet cleaning we founded that each method provided a distinct advantage, yet failed to consistently meet the criteria listed above. However, the method is not nearly as important as the person performing the cleaning. An expert cleaner can achieve fantastic results with any method, whereas a poor cleaner will not achieve satisfactory results with any method. And our service guarantees removal of a high percentage of those stains that you thought would never be removed. We also deodorize your carpet and rugs in order to remove the inevitable odor build up in all carpets and rugs.
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