Basement Renovation in Finksburg, MD and the surrounding areas

Main floor family rooms have been the trend in newer homes, but when there's no extra outdoor space for an addition your basement may be the answer to your space problems. This isn't a return to the "rec" room of the past. With the variety of new materials and innovative building techniques available today, the sky's the limit for the lowest level of your home. Light-toned floorings and wall coverings and specialty lighting can turn even a dark, cramped space into a cosy room.
Converting a basement into a comfortable living space has several advantages. It usually costs less to renovate a basement than to build an addition. Also, basements are removed from the main household traffic areas making it the perfect place for family to relax. Before deciding what to include in the renovation, consider what your family will benefit from the most in coming years. Whether it's a trendy media room, home spa or a game room, be sure to weigh the cost against the long-term use of these features.